While today hasn’t been as chaotic as it had the potential of being, there has still been a fair amount of news to be talked about. While a lot of it is the expected trades for roster protection from various teams, there has also been some first looks at rosters as we head into the offseason proper. Angel City FC was one of those teams who today announced the status of their roster, as it stands at this very moment. They also gave us a glimpse into how they plan to attack this free agency period.

First, let’s go over the roster as it stands now. These are the players who are currently under contract through 2024, and the players that make up the pool of potential Expansion Draft picks, of which only nine can be protected.

Angel City FC’s current roster features the following players (in alphabetical order by last name):

  • Goalkeepers: Angelina Anderson, DiDi Haračić

  • Defenders: Vanessa Gilles (ON LOAN), Merritt Mathias, Lily Nabet, Paige Nielsen, Megan Reid, Ali Riley, Jasmyne Spencer, M.A. Vignola

  • Midfielders: Claire Emslie, Jun Endo (INTL-JPN), Amandine Henry (INTL-FRA), Clarisse Le Bihan (INTL-FRA)

  • Forwards: Scarlett Camberos, Katie Johnson, Sydney Leroux, Christen Press, Alyssa Thompson

The team also took some time to give us a look at their thought process heading into free agency, though, they didn’t really say anything we hadn’t already known. They expressed that they were “planning to execute the contracts” of all seven of their free agents, which we listed in our offseason look at Angel City a few days ago. In layman’s terms, the team is actively planning to re-sign all of their free agents. Of course, what you plan and what you can, execute, are two different things, but as it stands the club is letting it be known they want to keep most of the roster in tact going into 2024.

The team also said they plan to execute the contracts of Lily Nabet, Megan Reid, and Clarisse Le Bihan, as well as their plan to exercise the option on Jun Endo, meaning we will likely see some contract extensions being announced in the near future. With those four already eligible for the expansion draft, there is no need to wait on announcing those deals should they happen pre-draft. The bit of news we did get, was the announcement of the team’s decision to not renew rookies, Kelsey Hill and Mackenzie Pluck.

Before you start selling off those Pluck and Hill trading cards, this doesn’t mean they are off the team just yet. The team has not waived either rookie, at least they didn’t say they were, meaning they still have plenty of time to work out a deal with one or both should they desire. With the expansion draft looming, we expect the team to wait until after then before doubling back on the rookies, despite the club releasing the dreaded “Thank You for your time here” tweets. There is another possibility, that one or both are signed, then traded for protection in the draft, but let’s not think about that option.

The last bit of news was the team remaining adamant that defender Vanessa Gilles would indeed return to the club at the end of her loan spell with Lyon. This is what was said before she extended said loan spell, so until we see her in a kit and back on the pitch at BMO, take it with a grain of salt. Though, the thought of Sarah Gorden and Vanessa Gilles playing together is a dream every ACFC fan is currently refusing to let go. All-in-all the club didn’t give us much in terms of new information, but you get the sense that this is the club’s way of telling everyone to be patient and likely not expect them to make any big moves before the draft. With how free agency has gone on day one, that seems to be the thought of just about everyone around the league, teams and players alike.

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